Saturday, December 03, 2005

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At 10:08 PM, Blogger ISM Homeland Security Analyst said...

Great site. God Bless, and Keep You

At 1:12 AM, Anonymous Travis McCauley said...

Michael, I found your site off of (my homepage). I have not finished reading all your posts yet, but intend to. Have setn e-mails praising your blog to all my friends. If only a major media outlet would take you on as point man, but wait! That would go against their agenda! What idiots! Anyway, I TOTALLY think what you are doing is fantastic! As a former Navy squid, I have only the highest respect for you and my comrades. Please keep on telling the truth as it DOES matter!

Praying God's Protection on you and "your" guys. Awaiting Bruce's movie!

Best to you,

Travis McCauley

At 3:32 AM, Anonymous Mike Vercruyssen said...

Dear Michael,
Thank you for presenting an honest rendition of what our brave men and women are doing to portect us. God bless you and God bless and keep the heroes you write about.
Mike Vercruyssen

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Dean said...

hello Michael,
i'm from croatia and i just want to wish luck for all soldiers in iraq, all the families of soldiers and to you...
just keep writting and informing the world!
god bless all of you.
sorry about my english...

At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Ken Meyer said...

While my wife was in Iraq, I started Operation: A Bit of Home. My wife called me and told me she had to put on 80 lbs. of battle gear, pick up her rifle, and walk 2 miles in 140 degree heat to buy soap and tampons and toothpaste. She told me that the government does not supply any sanitary or entertainment items to our troops. I decided that I would not have my wife doing that. I started shipping boxes to her unit in Iraq, in large quantities.

One day I got a phone call from a place in Baghdad called Freedom Rest. They stated they were the only R&R facility in Iraq for our troops. They get soldiers that have been in combat, on convoys, or high stress dangerous situations and give them 3 days and nights of R&R, good food, a pool, games, a soft bed and goodies. They process hundreds of soldiers in-and-out each day. By supplying hygiene, snack and entertainment items to Freedom Rest, we have directly affected the lives of over 23,000 soldiers.

They told me the government provides basic foods, linens etc., but all hygiene, snack and entertainment items come from donations, and asked if I could help. I am one of the few groups that actually have been asked to send supplies.

I know there are a lot of charities for the troops out there, but these facts set us apart from the rest:

1. We supply a facility for stressed troops, not individuals. We have eliminated the problem of NCO and officers hording the boxes. We do not send things to the same troops over and over,

2. Our website tells people how to send their own boxes, how to fill out the US Postal forms, gives packing tips and lists of needed items, and most importantly, we give out the address to send it to. We do not post names of individual soldiers, a very dangerous thing to do. If Al Qaeda knows where a National Guard unit is from, and has names, they could potentially find and endanger soldier’s families just by using a phone book!

3. Although the website does accept donations from folks who want us to do all the work, we encourage people to do it themselves, give them the tools, and hope to encourage a sense of civic pride. We do civic presentations and assist groups in completing their “Public Service” obligations.

4. We don’t sell a bunch of overpriced “Boxes” like others do.

We are working with several organizations to help them develop their own programs.

I could go on forever, but if you visit our website, or Google Us, you will find we are legitimate.

A short mention on people’s blogs could do more for us than months of our pounding the streets and working the phones. A link on your mail list or your homepage would work wonders also.

Please visit our website, google us, and tell your friends about us. Every dime of donations goes to shipping and buying needed items. No one is paid, we have no overhead, and we care about the troops. We continue to send even when donations are thin using our personal Credit Cards.

Thank you and please visit

Supporting the troops means more than placing a yellow ribbon on your car.

Thanks for your support
Ken Meyer
Operation: A Bit of Home

At 12:37 PM, Blogger mdfay said...

Michael, I'm really enjoying your entries. I don't know if you're still in country, but if you are I hope our paths cross. My name is Warrant Officer Mike Fay and I'm the Combat Artist for the Marines. If you get a chance, please check out my blog:
Keep up the good work! Mike Fay

At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget to make a personal connection to a deployed military service member in Iraq or Afghanistan. They all deserve our support!

At 7:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent blog and a great job.
I'm interested in buying one of the Mark Beiger pics. Is there any way to get a particular numbered print?


At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Jack Steinhilper said...

I've been reading this site as much as I can. Fablous, for once we get a good inside story.

But when reading about the men that do die during their duty, I had a though. He mentioned the men creating a memorial to their falled comrad.

I had a thought. What better memorial could the men provide than a tape recording, or maybe a video telling his kids what a great man he was and how much they enjoyed working with him.

I know if my father had died in Viet Nam, that is something that I would cherish for the rest of my life. It would provide countless hours of inspiration for me.

If they want to creat a memorial, I suggest a "living memorial" for their children.

Godspeed to you all.

At 4:41 AM, Anonymous Beth* A. said...

Season's Greetings to you, Michael Yon! I got one of your photos of little Farah and Maj. Beiger (sp?) because this photo speaks volumes of the caring and commitment our troops show towards the children of Iraq, and that gives me, gives all of us, HOPE for the country's future. In spite of the terrorists.
Be very good to yourself, and stay SAFE, MY! Merry Christmas over there with the Marines! May a tiny angel named Farah watch over you all faithfully till you come home.

At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say thank you for letting world see things in Iraq the way they truley are. The news media is so biased I am a Gulf war veteran, And it just really nice to have someone like yourself there for our service men and women. God bless you and may your journeys keep you safe.

Best regards


At 9:41 AM, Blogger ALauer said...


Very inspirng and reflective! As a retired Army Officer, this is the kind of literature that all aspiring officers and NCOs should read.

My son who is an infantryman with NY ANG, and is in collage, hoping to be commissioned in 4yrs. I was so inspired by your picture expose of LTC Kurilla and Deuce Four I emailed it to my Son and instructed him to share it with his ROTC Unit (I also instructed my wife to purchase a copy of Gates of Fire for Christmas and his professional reading).

Although these men and all those who serve our military today pocess courage to Stand in Feedom's gates, I would also commend you for your courage joining these brave patriots doing what you are call to do.

I wish this type of journalism was the norm vice the rarity.

Thank you for the inspiration of your words and gratatute of this Great Nation for those who serve it.

For those that may read this please pray for those men and women serving today, those who have paid the ultimate price of Freedom and the family they have left behind.

Micheal, Thank you again and God Bless.

Art Lauer

At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message intended for the anonymus who answered my post:

"Did you really GO OUT and SEE for yourself?? I am pretty sure you did not. In the two lines you wrote you mastered the spirit of most american people. And by the way: I would have put my foot on my mouth if you had signed your post with your real name, same way I did"

Marcelo Salloum

At 2:47 PM, Anonymous Gregg Jackson said...


I will proudly display your distininguished photograph above my desk in my office as a reminder of the enormous sacrifice of our brave and honorable military and as a reminder that we live in the greatest country God ever gave to man. Thank you for your continued service to our country. You are a ggod man Michael! I look forward to speaking to you soon.

God Bless and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Gregg Jackson
Pundit Review Radio

At 5:28 AM, Anonymous Lester Johnson said...

I am greatly appreciative of your efforts. I just missed this war. An auto accident while on duty, 100% disabled. I was an Infantryman in the 101st.
I had to add fox to my cable when CNN made it sound like we were losing from the first day. I knew the Army and having been there for the first one knew that there was no way we could lose. Now if we can just keep the politicians from messing it up. Thank you for the objective reporting. I know the army is not perfect, and appreciate you showing warts and all. I am immensely proud of the people still in and fighting for us.
I have a 19 yr old son and have been asked if I would risk him or if it’s just other people’s children. I would be proud for him to serve and if needed die. Of course I would rather be there my self, but I can't.
Be sure and tell all the troops you see that a broke soldier in the states is proud of them and support them. Especialy the grunts. Don’t need to reply just keep up the good work and keep your head down.

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Lori from FL said...

Thank you Michael for your recent post: Birds of Baghdad! You're so funny and always bring a smile to my face. Loved your bird pics...even if they were!

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Ann said...

Another wonderful dispatch! Thank you, Michael! I loved reading excerpts from some of the piles and piles of mail you received. Somewhere in that stack is a note I sent, too! :)

I am so glad you included a link to America Supports You, too. There are so many wonderful organizations doing wonderful things! The one my family and I have volunteered with is Operation Gratitude, based in Encino, CA. They collect "wish list" items and personal thank you letters (many written by children) to send troops serving overseas. This month they'll send the 100,000th care package!

I am going to go right now and check out that Wichita charity you mentioned...thank you for passing all this info along.

Ann in Simi Valley

P.S. I enjoyed the bird photos!

At 12:51 PM, Anonymous said...

Just voted for your Blog and I got to tell you; you are way ahead of anyone else, and rightfully so. I think your reporting is the best to come out of Iraq and I admire the way you feel for the troops and present the right image.
Semper Fi, Hump, USMC Vet

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Lorene said...

M...what a wonderful dispatch, such reflection here! The bird pics were not all that bad either. Though I'll say you've improved since then. ;-) I'm honored you quoted part of my letter to you, it was so nice to read all of the comments you receive...very touching indeed.

Stay safe, take care and as always we'll be waiting for more! (what can I say, I think we're all just insatiable)

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Jim Tuttle said...

Birds of Baghdad was wonderful and very different. Might be a good idea to introduce those Iraqi bird photographers to the birding magazine. They could earn some coin and the magazine would reap the benefits of Middle eastern bird pictures....just a thought.
thanks for your wonderful work.
Jim Tuttle, Charlotte, NC

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Hey, Mike! Merry Christmas!! Enjoyed this post as I'm a bird lover who's especially fond of the Mockingbird! There's one that makes my front porch his pulpit in the Spring - day and night! When the door is open, he sounds like he's in the house. Strange that you managed to catch a pic of that bat!

I'm so pleased for you for the attention your site and dispatches are bringing. From my first visit here early on, I felt like everyone needed to read what you had to say about our Warriors. They are the best of America and their stories needed to be told & Lord, how you've told them. I'm still so very appreciative of your talent and courage.

Take good care, Kdlu

At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding birds, I read that Chairman Mao took it into his head that birds ate much of the peasants' grain, and so the government offered a bounty for dead birds brought in. The result was a great loss of birds, probably including the kinds that ate the bugs that ate grain.

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael, I think You're a great writer, You make it easy to picture exactly what's going on in Your dispatches. I have turned many people on to Your website and look forward to Your next dispatch. also I recently ordered a copy of Your book "Danger Close" and I know it will be a good read. as a veteran I also appreciate You letting Us know that The Young Men and Women of todays military are doing Us proud,and regardless of political beliefs We should all support Our Troops.
May God watch over You.
Greg B.USMC-Ret.

At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Yogi Baehr said...

I thank you, young man, for your gallantry, your truthfulness, and your courage in telling the true story of the battle against terrorists. Congratulations on the award for your "blog". Looks as if you are a runaway winner. Now, you might try concentrating on the care that out personnel are receiving, both socially and medically, when they return to the world. Please don't let people forget the debt owed to our veterans, both new and old, as has been done in all the past struggles. Veterans are the hero of the day, but still have to contend with life after the spotlight's glow has faded. That battle is every bit as hard, and dangerous, as the battles fought in-theatre. May there come a time, soon, I pray, when war is a dim memory, and peace reigns. It must remain as no less than a distant memory to remind us all of the terribly high price demanded, and paid gladly, by those of us who loved freedom more than self, and duty more than life. God Bless America, and may it remain the "Land of the Free, and the home of the Brave"

At 2:59 PM, Anonymous neal hunt said...

Best of luck on the blog award. You're a sure thing in my book!!

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Yogi Baehr said...

P.S. Whatever happened to the pis(s) of the "ugliest stork"

At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Yogi Baehr said...

Try substituting PIC(s) for pis(s)

At 3:17 PM, Blogger Some Soldier's Mom said...

thank you, again, michael. I love birds and your pictures of birds... there is just something mystical about the power of flight.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger kimbob said...

I looked up the maribou, because I wanted to see what it loked like...this is the description I found;
"Description: To the casual observer the massive Marabou Stork with its balding, scabby head and pendulous pink air sac may appear to be one of the ugliest creatures in the world. If this same observer were to notice the Marabou's fondness for carrion and its habit of squirting excrement onto its own legs he or she would probably consider the original opinion to be justified. It takes a real bird lover to see past all of this stork's bizarre adornments to recognize the scruffy charm underneath."

Apparently, somebody finds this bird lovable. In addition, you are referred to as the "casual observer". Hmmm. I'm with you.
Great blog and contrats on the nomination. I have you linked to my blog so I can access you quickly and so others may run accross your take on the war as a person actually experiencing it, unlike the media.

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous jcamacho said...

Id like to thank you for all post. I was a member of Deuce Four shortly before they deployed but chose to leave the army and pursue other goals. Your post kept me informed of what was going on with all my freinds fighting the war. God Bless those who did not return and those who are still willing to fight.

Semper Paratus

p.s. Try and keep us informed on whether or not Bruce Willis is going to make that movie

At 8:37 PM, Blogger LK said...

Mr. Yon,

I can only add my admiration and appreciation, pitiful as they may be, to those who have already sung your praises. There aren't sufficient words to adequately express my heartfelt thanks for what you're doing.

I was directed to your website from another about a month ago. Since then, I've been reading your recent posts and archives; I’ve prayed, cried, was horrified and even laughed as I read your accounts of life, boots-on-the-ground, with Deuce Four.

I was very happy to read that you made it back for the Punisher’s Ball and was blessed to see your pictorial coverage; I almost felt as though I were there also.

As you return to covering the conflict and reconstruction in Iraq, I hope you can form the same friendships with your new unit and that you will all continue doing dangerous things safely.

God bless you and our brave warriors!
Upsala, MN

At 10:14 PM, Blogger Potsie said...

I love your blog, and check it every day in the hopes you have posted something new. I voted for you, and at that time you had 2428 votes. Barring a huge surge by one of the other blogs, it looks like you have this one in the bag. Thanks for what you are doing in the name of truth. Keep up the good work over there, and keep your head down!

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Their poisoning kids minds against our heros Michael.
Is there anything you can do?
This war today, will assure that todays children will not grow up to fight a much larger one we may not be able to win. Children everywhere will have a better world because of the service and sacrifice today of amazing individuals that you have brought to us with your oustanding work.

Baltimore sun article......

"Seymour M. Hersh, the famous investigative reporter, brought the fighting in Iraq into the halls of the Park School the other day. Nobody there got wounded, unless they imagined themselves a few years into the future. Hersh, the man who delivered some of the worst news out of Vietnam three decades ago and some of the worst news out of today's Middle East, painted a pretty bleak picture.

"You guys," he said, gesturing to an auditorium packed with about 250 upper-school students, "are going to be the generation that has to clean up our mess. We're leaving you with a real bad time."

This cannot stand.
Spread the word folks.

At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Dick said...

Michael, Thank You for your efforts and the remarkable results. Continur to tell our Warriors that the vast majority are very grateful for their efforts and their excellent achievments. We know about them through your efforts. Our family continues to pray for all.

At 12:16 AM, Anonymous MarineMom said...

Michael, Thanks for all you do to tell the stories of our beloved troops. It's funny, but the pictures you posted of the Birds of Iraq gave me another little shot of hope and I really enjoyed reading about fellow bird lover CSM Prosser! God bless and keep you all.

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


What an honor to have you mention a bit of my e-mail to you from Pittsburgh (your marine biologist friend, Randy G). I cast my vote for your site for the top award and I do think you justly deserve it. There are so few who have done so much to catalog the true spirit and commitment of our brave young men (and women) in uniform over there in Iraq and I can only hope and pray that it has not all been in vain. These men and women truely do stand in the gap for us Americans and we owe them so much. Thank you so much for being our eyes and our ears and may the Lord continue to bless your work.

Randy G in the Burgh

At 1:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,
Thank you for your blog, which helps us to see what is actually going on in Iraq. We especially enjoyed your article on Birds of Iraq.

At 1:54 AM, Anonymous A "faded away" soldier's son said...


At 2:16 AM, Blogger Papa Ray said...

Hey Young'un,

Well, I hope you read this before 2015, well actually I hope that you are alive and kicking and well in that year and for many years afterward.

Just finished reading another of your dispatches and I was as pleased and impressed as I was with your first.

You are doing a great service not only for our Warriors but for our beloved Nation. A Nation that has, I must admit, the attention span of a five year old and is just as contentious.

I try and remind as many as I can each day of our far flung, everyday heros, who serve us and our country so well.

Remember what I told you some time back, stay back a little and stay safe.

Your not bulletproof.

Continue the Mission.

Papa Ray
West Texas

At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Michael

I'm an IC over in Iraq, and I realy like your stuff. When I saw the subject of your "birds of Baghdad" article I was wondering if you were going to include that strange little 'king fisher' I recently saw one in Nasiriyah and jsut couldn't believe how efficient that little thing is, unfortunately I couldn't get good photo of it either. There is one Very famous bird new to these parts that you forgot to mention. Certainly you've come across the Blackwater, "Little Birds". Keep up the great work.

Name With Held (OPSEC)

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous PhilB said...

I know this is a bit late but after reading about the homecoming ball I thought this might be appropriate ..

I HAVE eaten your bread and salt,
I have drunk your water and wine,
The deaths ye died I have watched beside,
And the lives that ye led were mine.

Was there aught that I did not share
In vigil or toil or ease,
One joy or woe that I did not know,
Dear hearts across the seas?

I have written the tale of our life
For a sheltered people’s mirth,
In jesting guise—but ye are wise,
And ye know what the jest is worth.

It is Rudyard Kipling's prelude to Departmental Ditties and it should be rammed down the throats of the mainstream newspeople who haven't got a clue. At least you do ...

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Floyd-InElkGroveCa. said...

Michael....Hi !!!
Discovered you via a fill in (Jerry Doyle) for the "Mark Williams show" on KFBK/newstalk radio in sacramento ca. Jerry was raving about a piece (Gates of Fire) written by an inbed-reporter named Michael Yon...I read it & was blown away. From that point on I spread the word about you to those who care about such things. Surprisingly, they are many.(and I live in a blue state) I've been a call-in to talk radio and I mention your name & blogspot when on the topic of Iraq, when asked about who you are I mention that if you like the "in the foxhole" writings of a Steven Ambrose (Band of Brothers) meets the millitary technical of a Tom Clancy...then Michael Yon is your man. Michael, you're telling a soldier's story unlike I've heard anywhere and I believe that good things are headed your way as a journalist who is guided by the principal of "no agenda,no spin,no bullshit,let the truth tell the story". The day to day uncommon valor of the men you write about is sorely missing in the alphabet media but men like you are more than making up for it and it's catching on. To say "thank you Michael Yon" may not be enough for what you provide but I'm gonna say it you...and especially to all the soldiers who are making the difference to deliver peace in our time and getting it done. Semper Fi !!
Ps: Michael Yon for the Pulitzer
and the US Armed-Forces for the Nobel Peace Prise ??? ( not likly but deserving )

At 1:02 PM, Blogger shooter said...

I cannot begin to express my feelings after going through your dispatches. Michael, you are the truest form of American Patriot. The MSM is content to watch the war from the relative safety of the green zone and pour salt on the wound of liberal discontent. You have brought the good fight home so that mothers can sleep at night, wives and girlfriends can be proud of their man, and sons and daughters know that daddy and mommy are their real heroes.

You have gone beyond the scope of the war and touched our hearts with the truth of your words. I have seen the faces of the Iraqis and of the men and women who volunteered to stand next to them and fight for their freedom. I am also glad that you went the next step and showed us the beautiful birds that inhabit the region. I almost forgot that Iraq is part of the Fertile Crescent. Such beauty I can only imagine, and hope that someday we can enjoy in peace.

If only we had more true journalists such as you, Michael, this world would be a better place.

God Bless


At 1:35 PM, Blogger Consul-At-Arms said...

Thanks for all your good work. I've been reading your articles for some time, and this is the second one I'll share with the missus (the first was the Redeployment Ball article). She's the one who taught me her love of birds.

Outside of my work area and hootch at Babylon there was a pair of date palms that contained dozens of sparrows. Well, after I started putting out bread crumbs after morning chow, there were dozens, up from the original couple of pairs.

Keep up the good work. Your writing reaches a lot of people.

At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Bill said...

I laughed when I saw your total vs. Kevin "Foul on Team Blue!" Sites.

At 5:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AP New York

Pulitzer rules expand to allow online entries

December 7, 2005, 9:00 AM EST

NEW YORK -- Newspapers vying for a Pulitzer Prize, the top honor in American print journalism, can now include material published online as part of their entries, the Pulitzer Prize Board announced Wednesday.

The new rules come as newspapers increasingly rely on their Web sites to disseminate, support and enhance their work, even as print circulation declines. The new guidelines will apply to the 2006 awards, which cover work in 2005.

"It's a very significant change," said Sig Gissler, administrator of the Pulitzers. "This reflects the growing importance of online content, but, at the same time, print remains very important, and I think the Pulitzer competition now reflects a blend of print and online, which is what most newspapers are seeking to achieve these days."

The 2006 Pulitzer Prizes will be announced April 17

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Dusty Rhodes said...


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Keep up the great reporting and stay safe.

Dusty Rhodes
Charlotte, NC

At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Gary Jacobson said...

Michael, As a combat vet who has borne the brunt of our nations actions in Vietnam, bearing freedoms sword, and feeling the embarrassment and scorn heaped upon warriors from that conflict, I salute you for the investigative correspondent articles you send back. These give a very accurate glimpse into what is real in this confusing conflict that is hard to come by anywhere else, because the military gives slanted reporting to put forth their own agendas, as does much of the media ... but as one of us there on the scene your unbiased reporting contains a very high credibility.
You are doing what I wanted to do in Vietnam, but was limited to do so in my job as a combat infantryman with the 2/7 First Air Cavalry. I would be honored if you would check out my website, "Vietnam Picture Tour, from the lens and poet’s pen of a combat infantryman, from one who's walked the walk, and can talk the talk...Take a walk in "the park" with the 1st Air Cavalry on combat patrol, that in reality will give you the sweet and sour taste of "the Nam" on your tongue, leave the pungent smell of "the Nam" acrid in your nostrils, and embed textures of "the Nam" in your brain as though you walked beside me in combat.
Let me introduce myself : My name is Gary Jacobson. I served with B Co 2nd/7th 1st Air Cavalry '66 - '67, as a combat infantryman ... we called ourselves "Grunts," operating out of LZ Betty near beautiful downtown Phan Thiet, Vietnam. Ours was the same unit as depicted in the movie, "We Were Soldiers," only one year later. Vietnam changed us all indelibly and forever. I'm now on 100% disability rating with an extra hole in my head, covered by a 3X4 inch plate, shrapnel the size of a quarter imbedded three inches into my brain...this all compliments of a trip wire booby trap that triggered a grenade, that in turn detonated an artillery round...and in the process completely ruined my whole day...April, 22, '67, in the boonies...Phan Rang, Vietnam. Yeah, I didn't know where it was either... but I left a little blood behind to nourish the site.

At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing context and depth. All of the fighting men and women of this nation should be very proud. As for the anti-American and anti-military crowd back here, most people pay them no mind. I'm sure the heroes you have had the privelege of associating with pay them even less mind. Keep on Blogging!

At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are Awesome. Thank you so much for your accounts! You're wirting style makes me think that I am actually there.

Great job picking that weapon up. I know its not permitted, but that is exactly what I would have done.

I cant believe it, but you are a writer who is an American first, before a writer.

Keep it up and I cant thank you enough.

Louie Migliaccio

At 12:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are an amazing correspondence writer!! Just amazing!!!

I am sending your web site link to everyone I know!!

Bill Bogart

At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the good reads from over there. Good you ever get out to the wild wild west of Anbar?? Be good to have someone like you out towards Al Qaim and Haditha.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Susan said...


I have been reading your recent work ever since seeing you in an interview with Bruce Willis. The words "thank you", can't accurately convey my gratitude to you for what you are doing in Iraq.
It is very obvious from your writings that not only are you are a talented writer, but a person of great courage, conviction, honor and integrity. Sadly, those qualities are lacking in many individuals, specifically those in the media world.

My daughter still has an autographed copy of Danger Close that you addressed to her some years ago at a book signing in Palm Harbor, Florida. As I lived in Maryland for many years, I purchased the book mainly because of the "Maryland Connection." You captured my interest from word one; not only was I impressed with your writing style but the fact that you wrote straight from the heart impressed me even more.

You have continued the pattern of writing from the heart and "heart" is what separates you from the other journalists. You deserve to win a Pulitzer for your works but if it doesn't happen for you, at least your integrity will still be intact.

Thanks again,

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Amy said...


I'm pleased to see the soldier/child photograph amid Time's Photo of the Week: Viewer's Choice

And I'm very pleasantly surprised to learn that my card of the Vermilion Flycatcher prompted your birdie post.

Take care,
the bird magazine editor

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff, my cousin from Denver sent me your link. He is a Duke graduate and former 1LT and Gulf War veteran. I myself am a former detachment commander of a combat diver team in Panama ODA 776 3rd/7th SFG DE OPPRESSO LIBER !! Look forward to reading your book "Danger Close" Thanks for taking the time to tell an acurate story. I served in El Salvador during the mid 80's and it was amazing what the elite media reported on versus what really happens day to day. Good Luck !!

At 12:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike, do you have any new books planned?

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Mike, thanks for the great coverage of 1-24 IN and LTC Kurilla. I read the article about the incident involving LTC's casualty, and it is obious to me that this leader kicks ass and leads his men through confidence and courage. I would gladly serve with him and his unit.

Also, thanks for the accurate coverage on the American war effort, instead of focusing only on the negative and reporting half stories, as well as slandering our leaders and calling for withdrawal (surrender) like so many others. The way to win this war is by winning the information war, by getting both the Iraqi and American public to see the good intentions - and good results - of the American action in Iraq.


At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son served in 1/24 and I am very familiar with the entire Brigade. 1/24 was a HUGE success. They had the hardest fighting in Mosul by every report I have read. Those attacks were reduced by 70% by the time they left. They took the fight to the enemy on a daily basis. They could have just stayed on their base and never left it but that is no way to fight a counter-insurgency. Did you not see the Brigade Cdr, COL Robert Brown's speech on TV? He lays out in great detail how the Brigade and in particular 1/24 broke the back of the insurgency in Mosul. President Bush just gave a great speech talking about the success in Mosul. 1/24 is recognized as one of the most combat effective units in all of Iraq. Aside from jealousy of some other unit, what are you talking about?

At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, what is the secret info from the 1/25 soldier? Get it out in the open so we can see if it is true.

At 1:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all soldiers and sailors are 'good' at their jobs, no matter how dedicated they might appear. Just as all who receive the purple heart were heros, they got injured. I offer John Kerry as an example. I learned these cold facts 40 years ago. So, like the above writer, what is the story the 1/25th has to tell. It is the only challenge to your reporting that I have seen, and I must admit, that on the surface, I don't believe his challenge.

At 4:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am at a loss for words at your unashamed profiteering regarding the picture of the child in the bloody blanket. What a dismal failure you are as a human being. That little person would have not ever been injured if the US had not invaded. For you to take an image that represents one of the hundreds of thousands of tragedies that are a result of a lying and warmongering US administration and attempt to turn it around as some sort of victory from which you can profit is reprehensible.

In your case I hope I'm wrong and there is a hell.

At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Reece Mullins said...

I've recently been exposed to your blog and I must say thanks for your efforts to "get the story out". I am A Kiowa Warrior instructor pilot currently stationed at Fort Rucker due to PCS next June probably back to Hawaii or Alaska. I've supported the Punisher, Predator, and Big Snake callsigns of the 25th Infantry in the past and look forward to doing so again. In the off chance that you get a chance to read this post; let me know if there's anything I can do to support your ministry of truth! As a fervent ambasador of the Kiowa Warrior Community, We salute you sir for a job well done.
drop me a line if you get a chance or maybe I'll see you in the sand box.
CW3 Reece Mullins

At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are glad Michael that God is in charge and not some of those nameless cowards above who wrote those not so cunningly devised lies. Sometimes, by mens words and actions, I can actually understand the justice and necessity of a hell. Please keep on with your great work of presenting the truth of this war and of our fine military men like the Kiowa Warrior who proudly and bravely signed his name above. God will take care of that little one so brutally murdered by terrorists, the real enemies that we all must face. Thank you once again Mr. Yon for all you both are and do.
Ann and Neatie

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading the cryptic comments by people suggesting that the Deuce Four accomplishments chronicled here are somehow less important because other units with similar records have not also been written about is nothing short of baffling. If this website proves one thing, it's that if someone writes the stories, especially if they also have great photographs to illustrate them, people from around the world will read them. Instead of trying to bring down the Deuce Four, why don't these mystery writers, who obviously have access to the internet and who also can type, just write those stories about the other units? It can't be a cost issue because Blogger is free. It might be a confidence issue, although the tone of the comments suggests otherwise. Maybe its because they don't really have anything to say that will stand on its own. They are using this comment board as a kind of pop-up ad in a way. It not only smacks of jealously and sour grapes, but it also unfortunately makes the units they mention suspect. If you have a story to tell, tell it on your own space. Don't ride the Deuce Four coat tails. Until you put it all on the line like Michael Yon has, you haven't earned the right to stand in his shadow and pretend to be an equal.

At 12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Yon is a great artist who composed this amazing digital photograph while on assignment in Iraq, and he has the right to sell his historic photograph in a signed and numbered series just like other great photographers. No doubt that his war photos will be hanging in museums someday and be highly valued. The fact that he is quickly becoming a commercial success attests to his outstanding artistic ability.

At 3:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always enjoyed reading most of the postings to you Michael, but tonight, it seems like the worms are starting to come out of the woodwork. To the writer who thinks we are responsible for the death of the child that the soldier is carrying lovingly in his arms I ask "how many children were found in Saddams mass graves that have been located so far?". You fool. Then, I have never bothered to read much from anyone who starts out with 'Hey Dude'. I know we are not going to be on the same page. As to the competetive spirit between units like the 1/25. In all of your reports, I have never gotten the impression that only the 1/24 was successful in their endeavors, rather, they were a sampling of all of the units, men and women stationed in Iraq. It is generally a team effort. I suppose the self imposed burden on you is to be with ALL units at the same time and write an extensive and personal perspective on each and evety one of them. On the contrary, I see your honest work as a representation of All of our people who gallantly serve. I hope that you do well with your framed picture sales which you need to support your future trips. Maybe your 'Dude' friend will just send a cash contribution. I wonder how much grief Ansel Adams took with his black and white photograph of El Capitan in a National Park, which brought in some money to him? I trust you can ignore all of this, and continue doing what you are obviously very good at, reporting the truth in what you see and hear from our troops, and continue to reflect it in your photographs. God bless your work.

At 8:40 AM, Blogger Stacy said...

I have ordered two of the numbered prints, and would like to give them as a gift for Chrustmas, can you please let me know when I will receive them. My email address is


At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Lowell Bogart said...

Have followed your great posts since finding them early on. You are doing such great work to tell the truth about Iraq, not the mean-spitited disinformation of the MSM. Thank you for your great photos and inspiring writing - the tribute to Deuce Four, the children's photos so inspiring and full of love, the bird photos - all your work! Merry Christmas and God bless you.

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Aimee said...

Mr. Yon,
People deserve to know the truth and I thank you for the work you are doing. I redently returned from supporting OIF and OEF in Germany, Landstuhl to be exact. They say it's the closest thing to being in the war, aside from actually being there. I am a critical care nurse, and I must say that my experience in Germany made me realize how important success in Iraq is. The size of the sacrifice and the number of sacrifices being made every minute of every hour of every day are priceless. I don't think people can truly comprehend what's happening until they're staring it square in the face, good or bad. Nothing could ever be enough, to repay our soldiers for the sacrifices they make each and every day at war. Many are too young to even realize it themselves. I know when it was time for me to leave I didn't want to go, I wanted to stay. I hope I go back. Something in me is different. At night when I lay down I see many of their faces, don't always remember names, but I remember their faces and the conversations I had with each of them. As a people I hope we persevere in our efforts to acquire a sound understanding.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Homefront Six said...

The TIME Magazine honor is wonderful but it comes as no surprise to those of us who think your work is amazing. It's about time the rest of the world figures it out too (no pun intended). Congratulations!

Listen to Papa Ray and stay SAFE!

- hfs

At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Michael Madden said...

I sent you money when you needed a camera, I bought a signed copy of the photo you snapped. Do you know why? Because I firmly believe in the American way of life and in the hope that someone(that being you) would get the message out to America and the world that we are a good people. As far as I can tell the Iraqi people are worth the effort. They battle just to vote whereas Americans whine and invent unseen dark forces if they have to wait in line to vote. God help the Iraqi people in their struggle to be free.

Please send my regards for Christmas to every man and woman serving overseas(especially the Marines)from me and tell them "shoot straight and shoot first". God bless them, they are our best.

Semper Fi
Michael Madden
New York City

At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Barbara said...

Just voted and it was an easy decision. Your photo speaks volumes. The others are beautiful but say little. You truly are to be commended and I
do follow your blog with a thirst
for the type of information you provide. PleaSe stay safe!

At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,
When you took that picture months ago I saw it early on before the rest of the world did and I knew right then and there that it showed the heart and soul of the American Soldier/Marine I knew that picture of the little girl being carried by the soldier would touch many as it did me.
My best,
JB- Blue Star Mother

At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michael - congrats on your nominations. As always, your writing and photos are great.

I look forward to your dispatch of this week's elections. My son (in Ramadi) compares your dispatches with MSM reporting, just to see how vastly different the stories are.

Stay safe.
Joan B

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Barbara E. Mendleson said...

Dear Michael, I just voted at the TIME website. I am so happy that you are far and beyond in the lead--54%! That photo has been labeled "THE Photo" in my files since I first saw it. Thank you so much for your fine work. Please take good care. May our great Jehovah-God watch over you and over each and all of our wonderful soldiers. Barbara E. Mendleson, Frankfort, Kentucky

At 2:47 PM, Anonymous Angel said...

Dear Micheal, Thank you so much for showing us what we never could have seen with our own eyes, i have posted you on my blog360 to get the word across,

Your Marine Friend

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous diane said...

Dear Michael,
Congrats on your pictures nomination. However it is the picture that tells a story and that's what is so amazing. I went through all of the pictures and each one was amazing and poignant and told more than words could ever convey! Congrats on taking a picture worthy of such honor!

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous A soldiers mom said...

Dear Michael:

Congratulations on a wonderful capture of such a moment in time. This will be one of those that will be in history books around the world one day. Thank you for taking such an interest in our troops. I pray daily for them to return safely. My nephew has just returned, my son and a very close friend of the familiy is still there. May God bless you and Merry Christmas!

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Chad Janicek said...

I just voted for "In His Arms" on Time Magazine's site, and you have well over 50% of the votes. The nearest image is 7%. I just thought you might like to know that.

Take care, and God bless.

At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Bill Rouse said...

4 pm Tuesday 12-13-2005 57% You Da Man

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just voted for your photo and thought you might like to know that you currently have 57% of the votes with the next leading photo around the 15% mark! Outstanding and keep up the GREAT work!

At 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your dispatches with great interest. Every time a new one came out I stopped everything else I was doing and read it. As I read I became more involved with you and the good people you wrote about. I never expected that everyone else would feel the same way. Judging by the accolades your blog and now your photo have received, you have arived. Congratulations and keep up the good work

At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael; i've just gone over all the other comments people made regarding your blog. i just started reading it recently. i wrote to you some time ago asking if you could do anything about our ONLY MISSING SOLDIER ON RECORD: Sgt. Keith "Matt" Maupin, who went missing April 9, 2004. Never heard from you. Also asked if you could forward my letter to Bruce Willis, since I could not find any email address for him. I know you're doing a great job and service to this country by reporting back the truth about Iraq. Would you please help with this missing soldier. I really dont know what can be done, but since the media is being quiet about his story, maybe, just maybe you, or Bruce Willis would take interest in one of our soldiers who might be out there somewhere, alive, and we dont even hear about him. His is every bit as worthy a story as all the other ones you write about. How can we just forget one of our own like that? Rember Scott Speicher, a pilot who was shot down over Iraq in the Gulf War? They declared him dead the next day, and there are reports that he was alive years after that. Please, let's help find our only missing soldier. He's only 22 years old and deserves to be remembered. Thanks, Ann Marcol, l07 W. Willow Road, Prospect Heights, IL 60070

At 8:15 PM, Anonymous David said...

Michael, your picture brought a lump to my throat and some tears. Nothing shows more the reason why we are there in Iraq than this picture. Here is a young girl who had her life cut short because of terrorism and evil.

I do have a question, is the soldier crying? If I read the quality of the individual, he is in tears. I know I would be. My quess is yes he is, and I can understand that.

Keep up the good work, and thank you for all you have done.

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just voted for your photo at Time. Hope you have reserved the #1 signed print in the series for a museum collection so all Americans have the opportunity to view it. You have captured a timeless image that belongs to our history.

At 9:47 PM, Anonymous betty martinez said...

Micheal as a parent of two United States Soliders I want to thank you for your work. I first read your messages on Stryker News and was hooked. As my son is stationed at Fort Lewis and currently in Kuwaitt and my daughter now home after a year in Iraq after being blown up. We want to say as a family THANK YOU. Betty Martinez Seagoville Texas

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Lorene said...

Michael, a well deserved honor...this picture tells a story when words can fail, though that hasn't been a problem of yours! Thank you again for all you do, and for spreading the truth. If your "out and about" be safe, and pass along my thanks to all you come into contact with. Godspeed.

At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Teresa said...

Michael, I have been reading your blog faithfully since finding your picture,"In His Arms," on-line and following the link to sign up to your blog. That picture was a perfect example of how we must restore humanity to the world and not give up. You are doing the right thing and have inspired me to write. This war is not about forcing our ideology on others, but fighting for something greater than ourselves, an ideal. For if we are for God who can be against us? Many will try to challenge us, but good and truth will prevail.
God Bless you and protect you Michael.

At 2:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,
After reviewing all the pictures, they are great, but your photo shows love and compassion, tears came to my eyes, I could feel the emotion in this moment. Excellent work, you deserve to win. And our soldiers deserve all our support for their work, physical and emotional. This is such a personal photo. God Bless You and our faithful forces.

At 3:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Photos of the Year. It was easy to vote for yours. At 61% you are running away with the field ... and you should.
So great to see all your hard work beginning to bear fruit. It is folks like you in our great country that make her such a wonderful place to be a part of. Have a Great Christmas! (Go home & visit your civilian family for a change too :)

At 7:13 AM, Anonymous 1LT Brian Sansom said...

Mike, awesome job doing what you do. I've been keeping up with your posts since meeting you when you were rollin with TF 1-6 Centaurs at Gabe last year. Keep up the great work.

At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your writing is important - Keep at it.

At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Michael!


At 9:17 AM, Anonymous crosstalk said...

Thank you for linking to the Time website. However, rather than just voting for yours, I looked at all the photographs, and voted for the one which I actually thought best. It was "In His Arms" by Michael Yon.

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for what you are doing, in telling a different story than the news media. I'm a proud Army Mom who's son has just returned to the States after a year of Deployment in the Middle East. He's outprocessing until Friday, then I get to meet him at our home airport. I'm going to hug him forever.
God Bless you.

At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Gulf War 1 veteran I refer to you as Sir because you exemplify a man of integrity and courage. In times of hasty and constantly negative press about our brave men and women fighting the good fight for freedom and humanity you are an example of reporting truth learned by standing arm in arm with our soldiers. Your unwavering courage and humble observations bring the reality of America's finest home to us that support them. Additionally your personal insights into their lives, both as soldiers and human beings remind us that they are cut from the same cloth as soldiers of old. Bravery, compassion, dedication are bantered around as convenient expressions too often. You provide written and photographic proof that some still hold these values. Thank you for making the personal sacrifices needed to document for ALL to see our true colors.


At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is on my daily "must check" list. Keep up the work.

Your photo is running 62% of votes, the others are all under 10%. I think you're going to win the voting. This alone should let you know how many people consider your work important, even if they only see the photo and have no idea how you took it or why you're there.

At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Weblog Awards 2005 and Time Photo of the year


Well deserved Michael!

Keep "shooting" and posting.

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Debra Thompson said...

Voted for your pic. Looks like you're running away with the contest with the vote percentage. Good luck and may God bless you for all you have done to protect our freedom.
"Proud Army Mom in Law"

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Debra Thompson said...

Voted for your pic. Looks like you're running away with the contest with the vote percentage. Good luck and may God bless you for all you have done to protect our freedom.
"Proud Army Mom in Law"

At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dang!!! 63% of the vote. hip-hip-horray!! i dont know if anyone already has written this...for once i didnt read all the comments, but as at least one person wrote, i did look at all the pix and still voted for you. my reason, while all the other pix had great colors and composition ( the jet fighters were amazing, i voted for you because of the emotion in and with the photo. thats where the others didnt reach. it yanks your heart out and shows it to you and then lovingly puts it back in, where it belongs. i hope you continue what you were / are doing about iraq and that you walk away with the award with a large majority. will you be returning to iraq anytime soon?? thank you very much for your words...and photos.

At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time magazine Photo of the Year.

As others have said, they are all technically excellent, and in that sense certainly deserving.

But there is only one choice for me, one photo that had the emotional power, the relevance and symbolism of the conflict of our time.

One photo that encapsulates the strength, courage, and compassion of the American soldier in time of war.

That photo is yours Mike. Well done.

At 12:00 PM, Blogger Aimee said...

Thank you for helping us see all the good happening in Iraq. Please continue to help see all the wonderful and positive things our soldiers are doing in Iraq. Stay safe and Merry Christmas.

At 3:03 PM, Anonymous CPT Chris Hossfeld said...

Mr Yon,
My name is CPT Chris Hossfeld, and I commanded C Company, 1-24IN, turning it over to CPT Cheney and left Mosul for my R&R just as you arrived. I was on leave when CPT Rob Shaw and 1SG Bordelon were attacked.
I want to thank you for the wonderful words and pictures that you have used to describe the best soldiers in the world. I am extremely proud of my service, but most of all, my luck at serving as a commander during the first 6 months of our deployment.
I just recently went on our block leave, and took my family to Disneyland. While there, I wore my "Duece-Four" punisher skull shirt. I received positive comments about my shirt, the BN, our service, and our sacrifices from park employees and other park guests. Each time, I asked them where they had heard of the BN, and each of them said from your website.
Thank you for telling of their successes, and for their sacrifices.
CPT Chris Hossfeld

At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Ken Smith said...

It is a very moving and poignant photo. I think it would be fitting for Major Beiger to get copy #1. I'd contribute to make this happen...

At 3:56 PM, Blogger Bat One said...

As much as the image “reveals of the true nature of our enemy in this war” it reveals so much more of the true nature of those Americans who are fighting this war… as well as those who go to such extraordinary lengths to chronicle the true nature of our nation’s selfless efforts on behalf of the people of Iraq.

Many of us who fought in past wars have despaired for years of the lack of respect and honor for our uniformed men and women by politicians and public alike. The return of that respect and honor are no less an accomplishment than is the transformation of Iraq, and Afghanistan before it, from brutal dictatorship and international pariahs to a beacons of self-determination within the Arab world. Deny it though he may, Michael Yon’s work has been instrumental in the success of both endeavors.

At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to thank You for doing a great job documenting what the Deuce Four did in Mosul, As a part of the 1-17 Buffalos, not only did they do an outstanding job making Mosul a safe place for the People of Mosul, they helped to set a precedence for the Buffalos to follow. Their hard work and dedication has saved the lives of many Soldiers.

At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter and her husband -both Army- will be going to Iraq in about 2 weeks.

You've been there and known so many who have. I would respect your opinion on the following question. What will be the best thing they could hear me say to them before they go?

Thank you,
A Proud Father

At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael, can you come by Free Republic on our Iraq Election Thread and give us some news during the election (face it, where else will we get it from). We are checking PajMedia (IraqtheModel is live blogging and just went to vote), we still don't have all the news on the explosions (just the Baghdad one, nothing on Ramadi yet), and we have a few Iraqs on the thread sharing their experiences. We have spread your work far and wide... thanks for all you do.


At 2:00 AM, Anonymous Lana said...

Hey Mike, Newsflash from MIA!
I am finally a Mother. I adopted a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed Italian-Sicilian baby boy at 3 days old here in the U.S. and thought you'd like to know that I named him "Michael." He'll be 3 months old on Christmas day. Ron is his Uncle and Godfather. I'm happy, truly.
Be safe,

At 2:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an ardent Bush hater I found it difficult to balance my perception of the war in Iraq as I've learned it through newspapers and almost every other media outlet available to me with what I've read and seen on this website. The ultimate irony in all of this is that we have had to depose a violent, evil man whom we placed into power. That we helped Osama Bin Laden and his Mujadeens in Afghanistan decades or so ago in a fight against our current ally the Russians (nee Soviet Union) is yet another incredibly poignant irony. This said, I have to say I truly feel now that the war in Iraq is one we must win. We owe it to the Iraqi people above all, beyond our own needs for security, although the safety of my friends and family and fellow citizens is of course dear to my heart.

I have a radically different picture now of this war since reading these dispatches. I have long thought this was a hopeless war. It now seems to me that the situation there is nowhere near as dire as it's been pictured, and I have been most extremely heartened by the fact that most Iraqis are supportive of our efforts to rid their country of terror and mayhem. Who knew? Truly, this is a picture NOT painted by most media outlets. Despite the fact that I still believe OUR government to be particularly mindless these days, it is nice to know that the people doing the dirty work out in the world are maintaining the dignity, empathy and compassion that our nation is supposed to stand for. I must commend these men and women who are truly doing their duty as being entirely and anonymously heroic.

To cut this short, I must finish by sending my heartfelt gratitude, respect, admiration and deepest prayers to those of mine and other nations who would put themselves in harm's way in protection of other's freedom, dignity and safety. God Bless you soldiers who defend freedom from terror and oppression.

Tristan William Shaffer

At 5:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent work, simply outstanding.
Epitomizes the difference between point and shoot and the decisive moment.
God Bless and keep up the Good Work

At 5:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I served in Iraq as part of the Australian forces during the war. As a small country with a small Defence Force, we deployed an equal percentage on the battlefield as did the British - yet suffered no casualties. Australia is proud to stand as part of the Coalition both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Your work has moved me to tears as the words have captured some of my own experiences. Unlike Deuce Four, our Ball didn't have fallen comrades to remember. Your work made me realise how lucky Australian forces have been. Next Anzac Day (like your Memorial Day) I will drink a toast to these soldiers and their fallen comrades. Let them have not died in vain.

I look forward to the movie of Deuce Four. Having read your work, I will know them initimately. Thank you and God Bless all Coalition soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan

At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to vote for your pic, but how? The voting frames were from the editor's choice list, I think, and your pic was not one of the 24 I reviewed. I did not want to click on the "vote" button, hoping to go to a new page, because it might register my vote for the pic on the screen which, again, is NOT your pic. What am I missing here?

At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Tim Archer said...

Concerning the Time voting and Michael Yon's amazing picture, there is a distinguishing characteristic of his picture that set's it apart from the rest. All of the finalists are spectacular, wonderfully composed pictures of beauty. But only Michael's is a moment frozen in time. None of the other photographers are even in remotely as dangerous a situation as he was. None of them could have been under the same pressure that he was. And only his captured something truly signifigant - the courage and compassion of the American soldier in the middle of battle. That is what makes the picture great - the circumstances, the subject, the moment. Whales? Sheep? Northern lights? Beautiful (maybe) but not a truly great photo. This shot of Michaels is of the same nature of many other famous photos; the man carrying the child from the ruin's of the Oklahoma city bombing, the firefighters raising the flag in NY, and the flag over the Pentagon. Well Done.

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous greatful said...

I honestly believe that if more people really read your blogs that they would have a true definition of a hero. Because I thought I did until I just read your blog. Its amazing what you heroes do for those you don't even know. You all are amazing and unbelieveable. I will continue to read and pray for all. Be safe and alert!

At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just read an article on today's amazing election...I read this about Mosul,
"The mood was lighter in Mosul, where streets were like a big playground, with children playing games and turning roads into soccer fields. Families strolled together after voting, enjoying the day off." Thanks to the Deuce Four for making this possible!

At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is all pure illusion. Period. Wake up.

At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Ken said...

Hi Michael,
I just cast my vote for Time photo of the year. At the moment, your photo has 68% of the vote. The second-place photo has 5%. Let's all vote early and often.

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Griz said...

I see that the previous post has stolen my thunder. I was going to let you know that you had 68% of the vote. Since, I can't do that, I will say that I am aware that when I posted your entry regarding the sale of the picture, to my blog, that at least two people purchased it. It is an outstanding photograph and it is worthy of winning Time Photo f the Year.

Take care,
Griz aka Barry

At 5:22 AM, Anonymous Slayur said...


I love your dispatches, my kids even read them. I have been forwarding your link to all friends and "vidiots" (I work in the TV business (NBC in a large market) and have turned on a bunch of TV people to your work). I think I remember Kurilla and "Deuce Four" from the NTC (National Training Center) at Fort Irwin (bldg 988, the "star wars" building) when I was a civilian contractor editing video for AAR's, but I worked with so many units. God bless them, true warriors and incredible people. Thank you so much. I love those guys, I love them all. HUA! Your work is so refreshing as opposed to the total gloom and doom. My father was Psyops and fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, and though I could not get in due to medical problems, I tried to do my part and help the 11th ACR, the OPFOR at Fort Irwin. You are to me and a lot of my friends, the contemporary "Ernie Pyle" and if you need help in any way, you have friends here that are more than willing to help, both professionally and personally, just ask. Merry Christmas, God Bless you and enjoy your downtime.

Drive on,


At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome work man.
"In His Arms" has 68% of the vote right now.
keep up the great work. you are a great American

At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael, well done in all categories. I really look forward to your writing and insights. I see your photo has 68% of the votes in the Time poll and you're tops in the best blog 2005. Congrats! Keep the faith and know your writings have a great impact on the people who read them. -Ed

At 3:45 PM, Blogger duke said...

Were fighting a war in Iraq and America!

Minuteman of one video blog shows you were fighting a war in America at our border.

Could you please help us by giving us a link on your blog.


Thank you.

Ps. MM01 never will solicit donations.

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting best Best Media/Journalist Blog award! Its is well-deserved.

At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning the Best Media/Journalist Blog. You won by a landslide and deserve it.


At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tp from Can
Excellent, just Excellent

At 7:13 PM, Blogger duke said...

Yeah nice picture. I agree. But 4 million per yer ailens take advantage of our country per year by breaking in, commiting forgery, using billions in education and hospitial resources not to mention the high crime dollars and imprisonment. These people are the disenfranchised jealous foot soldiers of tomorrow, who's ready for that? It was illegal aliens that made Sept 11th and Iraq a reality in most part. Lets attack the roots.

At 8:04 PM, Blogger Anna said...

I just wanted to congratulate you on your Weblog Award. I am sure it won't be the last!

At 9:05 PM, Anonymous MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Hey, Mike! Congrats on the Weblog award and the way your pic is running away with the competition on the Tim Photo of The Year site. We miss your great dispatches from Iraq.

Merry Christmas! Kdlu

At 9:06 PM, Anonymous MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Ack! I should learn to preview. Tim? I meant Time...

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous wickedpinto said...

You acknowledge that you are an amateur when it comes to photography, which doesn't really mean anything. "Art" in photography, is a contrivance of situation and setting. YOUR picture was the only REAL! one, noone look towards the camera, no grotesque manipulation of angle for background.

Your photograph is the best, not because it depicts reality, but rather because it IS reality. The Pro's have a lot to learn from amateurs.

At 11:54 PM, Blogger Fieldgunner said...

Not one in one thousand of our "Greatest Generation" faced rifle to rifle combat. If you do not return, I have no criticism. You have faced the fire. All Your words are therefore credible and, I bless you, although I am not a Christian.

Every word you report is credible and I curse the fact that that you did not fall wilhin the range of the Pulitzers this year. Keep it up and you will. You have found your natural tallent. I envy you.


At 12:01 AM, Anonymous SPC Moises Medina said...

Hello, my name is Moises Medina. I was the medic on site for "Little Girl".

I want you to know that the girl did not die in Maj. Bieger's arms.
I worked hard to keep her alive (she reminded me of my own daughter).

I'm sad to say she died just minutes before arriving at the hospital, In her mother's arms.

I guess the facts and the real story wouldn't have brought you as much attention.

At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Medic Medina:

You need to read what Michael actually wrote about the bombing incident that claimed the life of the young girl in the photograph. It's right here on the blog in a dispatch entitled "Little Girl" He NEVER wrote that she died in Major Beiger's arms. He wrote that despite the incredible efforts by everyone to keep her alive she died: "Maj Beiger....took some of our soldiers and rushed this little girl to our hospital. He wanted her to have American surgeons and not to go to the Iraqi hospital. She didn't make it. I snapped this picture when Major Bieger ran to take her away. He kept stopping to talk with her and hug her."
You are the one who is misquoting the facts in order to make some point about yourself. I wonder if you will be as quick to issue an apology as you were to write the insult.
We're all waiting to see about that.

At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Silverevilchao said...

"Tonight I rode downtown with Ghost Platoon under skies so clear that each star seemed to be individually lit. The air was still and chilly, like sometimes just before it snows in New England. Snow in the desert? I shook off that thought with a little of the chill and settled in for the ride downtown."

Yes, snow in the desert.

I live in Las Vegas, and, in February of 2005, it snowed. I and many other students were released 10 mins early from our classes so we could go outside. In the next period, I threw pocket snowballs outside. (This was when I was in 8th grade) So, yes, it can snow in the desert, however utterly bizzare it sounds. xP

Oh, and me like your dispatches. Nice to know that I'm getting the TRUTH, instead of propaganda on how badly were are doing, how the Iraquis hate us, blah, blah, blah... :)

Keep writing!!!


At 4:15 PM, Blogger Andrew Robertson said...

Michael, the tone of your blog comes across as self-serving. The picture of that precious girl in the arms of a soldier is heartbreaking and you seem to be very proud of the public applause it has brought you. Do I care what Bruce Willis thinks of your picture? Does anyone? I wonder if you feel a little thrilled when you come across a scene of destruction and suffering for its photographic potential.

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Pat said...

congrats. You've earned it.Not many civilians have gone "in harm's way".Please understand it will change your life.There is nothing else like. It's "Why Men Lve War." Guidon27

At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Rae said...

Congratulations on the fabulous total your picture has so far racked up in the Time poll. keep up the good work.

At 2:02 AM, Anonymous Stuart Smith said...

Michael I am extremely impressed with your writing and your ability to make a person that is thousands of miles away feel more like they are seeing the real picture. I have felt for years, just like you, that the "press" doesn't get it right... As to Andrew Robertson's comment above...jeesh, what an idiot... the man is just envious that he doesn't have the guts to do what you have done. Keep up the good work, keep it non-biased and Thank You! Stuart Smith, Idaho.

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing work. Just fabulous reporting!

At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Medic Moises Medina,

Your suggestion that Mike Yon misreported the facts in his article entitled "Little Girl", to call attention to himself is laughable at best.

NEVER in his article did Mike report that the little girl died in Major Bieger's arms. That was your misinterpretation of "the facts."

Perhaps the real attention seeker is you, Medic Medina. The honorable thing for you to do is to apologize to Mike. Hopefully, you are man enough to do that.

Enjoy the crow.


At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blogspot as an accurate source of information on the war in Iraq. It seems that you are not doing the first-hand reporting any more. Will you be doing it again in the future?
Sincerely, A faithful reader

At 2:28 PM, Blogger duke said... want's a link in the important link sidebar...what do you readers think? Is MM01 worthy of a link? I've asked and recieved no I'm asking you to go to MM01 and then post a reply here so you can help us too.



At 2:38 PM, Blogger KapapAcademy said...

MM01 is credible and the deserve a link in the sidebar. Keep up the good work, Mike and MM01.

At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Paul said...

I just ordered your book Michael, can't wait to get it. I come from a state that sadly put Harry Reid in office. Senator Reid has been an embarrassment to us but more importantly an encouragement to terrorists with his pull out and surrender political tactics. Your reporting is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for your effort. --Paul

At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Michael,
I know its been said many-a-times. But I want to thank you so much for this website. You are a hero in my eyes and you have inspired me to enlist to serve this great country of ours!

God Bless you Mike, God Bless you!

At 7:59 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Hi Michael,
I'm just leaving another comment after some time to wish you and the guys a very happy (and quiet!) Christmas/Hanukkah! I'm waiting to watch President Bush's speech on Iraq tonight, and we will be thinking of all of you over there. Be safe and Godspeed!

At 8:06 PM, Anonymous Robin said...


Once again,thank you for bringing tears of joy to my eyes as I watched the voting and the proud display of purple fingers. I am so so grateful for your sharing,for our braves soldiers whose letters I read daily on,for a several year online friendship with a family in Sulimaneyah Kurdistan...all have let me know the Truth.

I am so grateful to you.


At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael...I am most anxious for you to finally get joined up with a unit of my fellow Marines, and get me updated again as to the day to day life of the warrior in the field.I am not much interested in the easy life here in the states.Plenty of cushy self serving journalists here to do that, Good luck, and keep your head down.Terry

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Ken Forbus said...

Since I started reading you r blog I have been throughly impressed with your writting, reporting and photos. This is truely a worls class Blog. My son is an Infantry Soldier with the 101st Airborne who will should either be in air as I write this if he has not already landed at FOB Rustamiya. Along with just keeping up with the war and the advancement on democracy I read a lot about Iraq and Afghanistan. Please keep up the good work. If you ever happen by C Co. 1-61 Cav. 506th RCT. Give him and his battle buddies a pat on the back.

Ken Forbus

At 8:41 PM, Blogger sneekn said...

The looks on the Iraqi peoples faces, the pride, joy and the exictement for thier future brings tears to my eyes everytime I see footage or even pictures...

Those faces are a DIRECT result of everyone of our wounded and fallen soldiers sacrafices people, their lives WERE NOT IN VAIN!

I dont know how any politicians can look at these pictures and think we are losing this war and want our soldiers back before the job is done SHAME ON THEM!!

We are doing the right thing! If you dont belive it watch that clip again and take a good look at what freedom really means to those who are just now experiencing it.

God Bless America!

God Bless our troops!

Let Freedom Ring!

Mike again you have said so much with so little,


At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I watched the video, I was very moved and I was happy for the people who were voting. It is an example then, I suppose, of how hardened and pessimistic I've become to wonder if it was produced by that Lincoln group as part of US propaganda and, therefore, to question its veracity. At 68 years old, I watch our freedoms errode and have to wonder what we are teaching these people about democracy, if that indeed is the goal.

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just viewed the video of the Iraqui election. I am hoping it is not a propaganda piece. If it is not, it validates my Marine son's presence in that country.

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just viewed the video, and I can attest- Mike Yon does not do "propaganda". He went to Iraq so we can know the truth. Thank your Marine Son from a greatful Citizen....NickfromBragg

At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Sharon Hern said...

I just watched the video and it is very moving. Thank you so much for making it available. I am sending the info. to others and hope they will log on and watch also. Sharon Hern, Calif.

At 9:57 PM, Anonymous jarold said...

just saw the video, I believe the audio was 'Fanfare for the Common Man', how fitting...thanks Mike
Merry Christmas to you and all our servicemen and women.

At 10:38 PM, Anonymous D. Sturdivant said...

Amazing video! Purple fingers can speak volumes.

At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site is amazing, and extremely touching. Im 17 and intend on joining the marines in about a year. This is without a doubt the best sight i ever seen.
Hoowah Mike!

At 12:07 AM, Blogger ogdcm said...

I don't know how I found your blog.. but I am blessed to have found it. The election video brought tears to my eyes. THANK YOU for passing on this inspiration.


At 12:19 AM, Blogger duke said...

Go see the War footage from the American border at Campo on MinutemanofOne.blogspot

At 7:06 AM, Blogger goodluck said...

Michael, your the man, please cover the Seabee's rebuilding the country along with the Army Corp of Engineers, I don't believe enough is being shown on the Seabee's and the reconstruction.
jon lacey exSeabee Saipan, Somalia.

At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

R.J. Says,
Turn up the Volume, tells it all. A must see for the piss-ant cut-u-run politicans and the moonbeams on the left. Freedom at work, yes it has a cost but in the end it's worth it. Keep up the good work Michael

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Alaska Paul said...


Congradulations on being recognized for your picture in Time. It is a top honor, all right. I voted for your picture of the soldier and the little girl in his arms. Among the list, there was a beautiful picture of the Northern Lights, but, heck, the photographer was my neighbor and the pic was in my neighborhood, heh.

I would give just one little bit of advice, which you already know: enjoy the honor with Time, but keep your distance. I trust the MSM as far as I can throw a stick, and that includes TIME. Your honesty and independence are the most valuable assets you have. Keep them safe.

Your writing and pics are first rate, and I am honored to read them.

Alaska Paul

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Mike. Thanks for your great reports from the war. Our son is just back from Iraq, serving with the British Army, and you can imagine how grateful we are.
Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone out there and in particular the American forces who we know are bearing the brunt of this struggle.
You've achieved a magnificent milestone by bringing Iraq to a democratic election.
Just wave a purple finger at the anti-war toe rags. When this this is over I want to see an accounting.


At 4:24 PM, Blogger PLWCPA said...

First of all, great work with Deuce Four.

Second, I wanted to vote for your pic in the Time poll, but your was not available. What's up?

L/Cpl Phil Winsor
USMC 1970-1972

At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello. Yea, the music over the election video is "Fanfare for the Common Man" by Aaron Copeland. Very fitting and stirring use.

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous ret7army said...

Hi Mike
Awesome video, good work on that one by who-ever it was...
thanks for sharing it...

At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

This Video says it all! I'm envious, I suppose we were once like this in America?? We've lost something very precious in this country, we do NOT realize what it is to be FREE!

The Brave Iraqis are demonstrating just how Precious FREEDOM is!

At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Linda Whitehead said...

Thank you for this wonderful website and the pictures of the Iraqi children. My nephew was stationed there in Iraq this year and our family would send him many boxs full of food and lots of sweets. He called me in October and said that he and his friends loved the food but they gave away the sweets to the kids. He enjoyed that so much. Seeing the pictures of the kids makes it more real to me. He was killed on November 19,2005 in Mosul. MSG Anthony Yost of the Special Forces died a hero and was buried in Arlington on Dec.9,2005. He would have been so happy to see the people of Iraq finally getting to vote. Thank You

At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the kind of videos that they put up here:

At 12:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise God, America, GWB, and Iraq. I've not read the other comments, yet, but while watching the video, I couldn't help to believe that our current President Bush finished what his father had left undone - AND protected our nation our well!
God Bless our troops, the Iraqi people and please help us to better appreciate the freedom of voting!!! w/o death as a consequence. speakeasy53

At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Jonas Hagstrom said...


Thanks for an awesome view of things! Found your website and been reading the dispatches over and over. Amazing! I"m Swedish with an American father, however I feel prouder when I see the US flag than the Swedish one. Keep up the great work!

Yours respectfully

Jonas Hagstrom

At 3:36 AM, Anonymous Bob Prichard said...

Dear Michael,
Your video of the Iraq election was
very moving - what an incredible scene. Many of the Iraqis appeared to by dressed up in their finest - fancy turbins, beautiful shawls, kids spotless. They put us to shame! Seventy percent turn-out - what an encouraging thing for our troops and George Bush! And what great hope for the Iraqi people.
Thank you, thank you. Bob Prichard

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous DBS said...

Thanks for reporting truth. My son is in flight back from Iraq. He has served one year in Bagdad with the 3rd ID. I am very excited to show him your web site since it has been very discouraging to him and his comrades to see the truth hidden in media reports. I am so very proud to be an American! You are wonderful to put your life on the line for truth. God Speed!

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous dianesbell said...

Yet once more you present us with a picture/video that tells more than a thousand words! Thank you so much for sharing and for sticking in there to present us with that different perspective of what is what in Iraq! Thanks Michael for being you!

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is there any chance you can send that video in any other way? My mac, with it's adobe, just won't open it up.

Thank you so much for anything you can do.

At 11:56 PM, Anonymous Bill Morgan said...

My heart was bursting with pride to think our country could produce such patriots as our armed forces who would go and liberate Iraq and make that video possible

At 2:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At last, pictures from the day when the Iraqi people voted with their fingers and their hearts. With the sparse coverage here in the USA, I was hungry to see the images. Thank you, Michael, for running this wonderful video. Take that, MSM!

At 3:59 AM, Anonymous Jerry said...

Mr. Yon,

The rumor mill has it that Bruce Willis is going to produce and star in a movie based on "Deuce Four". I guess Bruce will be LTC K. Who are they going to get to do your role?

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Bob Mueller said...

Thanks for a clear view of what's going on over there. I've truly appreciated reading your dispatches since I found them several months ago.

I'm going to try and post a link to Rick McKee's editorial cartoon from the 12/17 edition of the Augusta Chronical. If it doesn't post, make sure you get a look at at it; you'll appreciate it.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Subsunk said...


Your latest dispatch "Three Times A Charm", is a great piece of work. I look forward to hearing more of the great Iraqi people and their quest for freedom.

Keep up the great work, Mike. Your picture is on the piano.


At 11:17 AM, Blogger Kat said...


god bless all of our dear deployed Heroes out there... and God bless you for telling their stories!

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Bridget C. Cantrell said...


I want to Thank you for your incredible work, I have been following it for a long time. My friend Susanne Harlandt (Red Cross) told me about you many months ago. I specialize in working PTSD and those who have come home from war, and it is vital to their healing process that we all do our part to help make the landing a bit softer than it was for the Vietnam Veterans. I would like to send you a copy of my book: Down Range: To Iraq and Back, which is a self help book written to help the returnees and their families gain a better understanding regarding the re-adjustment issues. My co-author is a Vietnam Veteran, so we combined our efforts. Please contact me at so I can forward you a copy. Michael thank you so much for giving us all a peak into the lives of our brave troops and the Iraqi citizens who have also felt the pain of war. I appreciate you very much. Thank you, Bridget C. Cantrell, Ph.D.

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous George McDonough Connolly said...

Mr. Yon,

I love Sgt. Gaya's photo slide show. His photographs are some of the best I have seen. However, did you read the title given to the link of the slide show?

Sigh. I don't think the legacy media will ever understand the OIF mission.

Thanks for everything, Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year.

At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great website, showing the true heroism of our guys and the iraqi people. i'm telling everyone i know about your AWESOME site.
Barb - Indiana

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Mike O said...

A great piece as usual, Mike.

Is there any kind of ruckus that some of us can cause to get the PAO to realize your value to their efforts and to cut you whatever slack you need? For you not to be there for the election itself is a blazing case of incompetance on their part.

At 1:16 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Your web site is just fantastic! Thank you for taking the initiative to portray the excellent work the troops are doing over there.

I live in Canada and if you think the US media is unfair and biased...just try living in our media world.

Just know that there are some of us up here who really do appreciate the work and sacrafice that all Americans are contributing to creating new democracies everywhere!

Katie W. Robinette

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished reading "three times a charm".....simply beatiful, it warmed my heart. I've been keeping up with you for about a year now and always look forward to your next dispatch. I think it's awesome what you are doing. Keep it up!
I've loved reading your accounts of combat but I think I REALLY like it when you report on the good news of everyday life going on in Iraq.
You and our guys and the Iraqi people are in my thoughts often.
Stay safe and keep up the great work!
Chris in Virginia

At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Davide Daverio said...

I would like to say you and (by this site) to all American guys in Iraq and all Iraqi people

Merry Xmas and a really Happy New Year full of freedom!

Thanks, Mike, for your blog! Keep on informing us on the events!

Davide (from Italy)

At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Brian Harlow said...

Michael,I thank God for your grit and determination to show us the truth about why we are in Iraq.All we seem to hear in the States is the incessant arguing between the Dems and the Reps about how we went in for the wrong reasons,etc,etc. Your reporting is like a bright lite in the gloom of Political accusations,which re-affirms my belief in our actions there. May I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.Please,for the sake of truth continue what you're doing,and may God bless you and keep you safe..........Brian.

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Rod Barnes said...

I know you are likely too busy to read yet-another-message but I have to write this because it will make me feel better to do so.

I am so thankful for the perspective you have provided through your words and images. I believe the Iraqi people deserve freedom just as much as us or anyone else. We are never truly free as long as others who desire freedom are unable to achieve it. As long as the Iraqis choose freedom we who have freedom are obligated -- obligated -- to help them achieve it.

It is sorrowing when I hear and see so much in the broad media that continues to imply that our presence is the cause of the conflict. How shortsighted it is to ignore the fact that it is the lack of Iraqi freedom and their attempts to achieve it that is the cause of the conflict.

So many here seem to wish it would all just go away -- "Let the Iraqi's go back into slavery as long as we don't have to hear about it." Those calling for the US to pull out and leave the Iraqi's on their own should be ashamed of themselves.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Rick said...

Merry Christmas, Mike!

Thank you for your service to our country and many thanks for your dispatches.

May God bless and keep you!


At 7:33 PM, Anonymous dianesbell said...

You never cease to amaze me with your stories, stories we don't ever hear on the news! Thanks for keeping us in the know and can't wait to hear your new stories on those allies who have and continue to help and support this effort.
Thanks for being you and Merry Christmas and a blessed new year to you and your family Michael! D

At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Again for another excellent article. I thoroughly enjoy your reporting. Everytime I read your stuff I find myself welling up with pride, pride in knowing that our efforts, especially the efforts of those who wear the uniform, are leading to good things

Keep up the good work!

Jesse Hill
Encinitas, CA

At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael for the "Three Times the Charm" post
. The commentary and the pictures are heartwarming and give us reason to be optimistic. I saw nothing even remotely close in the MSM on this benchmark event in Iraq.

Eleanor Nierling

At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank Michael for let the world know what's goin on In Irak, also I have a lot of pictures of DEUCE FOUR 1-24 inf batallion, If you want these pictures let me Know my email is I know you goin to like these pictures.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Merlion said...

Hooo Hooo!
Guess which picture I voted for? 70% of the votes!!
Michael, you are in the big league. No doubt about that!

Keep it up! You bring to the world the face of innocence and love, that the world should see.

High-five to you!
Give this man a Pulitzer & a Nobel Peace Prize!

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Iraqi election video you posted is very moving. I didn't expect it to affect me as much as it has. The look of pride, joy and defiance in the faces of these people make me rethink my own feelings about the freedom we take for granted.


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